Buy your favorite drag artist a suprise treat! The treat will be chosen depending on what ingredients we have to bake with. Please specify who you would like to buy for. The profits will go to Outfront MN.

Please choose from one of the amazing drag artists below.

Tygra Thunderkat

Malibu Casey

Frozaen Pissas

Brova Supernova

Priscilla Yuicy



Utica Queen


Julia Starr

Rosie Bottoms

Sasha Cassadine

Zon Legacy Phoenix

Jenna Tayleah

Sunny Kiriyama

Junior High

Anaïse DesBises

Sissy Tops


Rose Nylon

Sota Doll

Nocturna Leemission

Seamus Shenanigan

Jenna Cis

The Other Jeanie R.


Buy your favorite drag artist a treat!


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